Welcome to POUYA VIDEO site.
In here you can download POUYA training videos from our site or you may watch them on YouTube.

Please select from the below list to download/watch POUYA videos :
  1. POUYA Installation. Tutorial Video This video explains how to download the POUYA software from the internet and how to install and run POUYA on your computer.
  2. Zooming. Tutorial Video This video explains the concept of windows in POUYA and how to zoom in and out of different areas of network while running POUYA.
  3. Change of Generator Output Magnitude + Change of AVR and Governor Reference Input. Tutorial Video This video explains how to change the power output of the generators within POUYA. It also explains the way to change the outputs of governors and AVRs within POUYA and how to access the block diagrams of these governors and AVRs.
  4. Change of Magnitude of Load Consumption + Transformer Tap Changing + Line Switching. Tutorial Video This video shows you how to change the tap settings of a transformer in POUYA. It also explains the way to switch lines in and out in POUYA. The changing of the load consumption values will also be discussed
  5. How to Access Different Networks from the Internet. Tutorial Video There are various networks from various sources available in POUYA. These networks can be from either books, industries, utilities, journal papers, private networks and networks from various labs. This video shows you how to access networks from such sources.
  6. Order Your Own Network. Tutorial Video One of the main purposes of POUYA is for us to provide you with your own networks to run and simulate. You can ask us to create your network for a agreed price. This video explains the process of ordering your own network so you can run and simulate such network in POUYA.
  7. How to Run Simulation in Real Time. Tutorial Video The simulation time in POUYA is ahead of real time of the network making POUYA the fastest program in the world. In case you are interested in the actual response of the network this can also be simulated in POUYA. This video shows you how to limit the simulation speed so that the network response is observed within the real time.
  8. Simulation Menu Options. Tutorial Video This video talks about the different option you have on the simulation menu and the various information available to you in POUYA.
  9. Plotting of Variables. Tutorial Video You can plot the waveforms of different variable within POUYA. This video shows you how to access plotting options and how to edit and interpret such plots within POUYA.