1- The cost of LABs in POUYA depends to the LAB you order. For the list of current labs please refer to: http://www.tomcad.com/labs/lab.html
2- The payment will be received through Paypal.
3- The grades of the received listed students will be forwarded to the teacher who will be introduced by the person who paid the cost.
4- Upon payment you will introduce your University/Organization email address, where we open the LAB. usage for that University/Organization. Any person who comes with these emails addresses can use and answer the labs, however, the grades just will be sent for the listed students in each semester will be upgraded by the teacher.
For example: IF we consider MIT university, then any person comes with @MIT.edu.org can use that particular lab. But the grades will be sent to the teacher for the listed students.
5- DC machine lab will cost 998.99 GBP, for a year (i.e. two or three semesters) other lab prices are less than this amount. If for any reason, you will decide not to proceed with the labs, there are a return back policy, please contact info at tomcad.com for the return back policy.
6- Automatic grading Exams can be conducted by you on your own or it can be asked to be provided by TOMCAD. In the latter case either you may ask TOMCAD to process the exam according its own examination answer sheets or the teacher can send a word document for the exam.
In either case TOMCAD will put the exam ready for the students at the date of examination according to the current lab experience. There will be a charge for these cases that would be about 288.00 GBP depending to the quality of the exam papers.
7- The labs. can be used in any countries for any organization or university.
8- There are no free labs available now, except when you run POUYA and simulating the Chemical plant coming with POUYA, you can click on the blue “LAB.” button and answer the answer sheet available there. This is just defined as "Test your Power System Basic Knowledge on POUYA". The user can see his grade after 3 days. If you ask some postgraduate student to conduct this test and ask TOMCAD to send you the result you will be charged 38.00 GBP.
• For the prices please contact sales at tomcad.com.