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For more than three decades TOMCAD is serving the industries with the best tools and consultancy.

Our services address these issues:

  • Software Development
  • Electrical Energy Saving
  • Demand Reduction
  • Relay Coordination
  • Design Review
  • Power Quality
  • Providing Easy Solutions for Power System Problems
  • Recognition of Power System Events' Causes and the Best Solutions Available
  • Economics of Building New Equipment and Apparatus
  • Training of Engineers and Students


As a new idea in power system services, we offer the below process.
By going through this process a virtual power system simulator will do all power system analysis for you.

  1. Download POUYA software
  2. Run POUYA
  3. Order your own network to be created for you
  4. You will need to upload the network Single Line Diagram and data for this purpose.
  5. We build your network ready for real time simulation.
  6. The network will be stored securely inside our site where only you can access it.
  7. Order to get your network delivered to your local disk
  8. We will send the network to your local disk.

  9. Additional services
    1. You may rent or buy the already available networks A collection of networks selected from the famous Books, Papers, Industrial power plants, Utilities power plants, etc are provided. You may simulate them by POUYA for the purpose of exercise and training.
    2. You may enroll in our virtual classes
    3. You may send us your problem and we will solve it for you. This might be a simple question of selecting a fuse for your apartment to very special question in a particular power plant.
    4. You may donate your own network If you donate your network, your network will be available for our clients to simulate it freely.
    5. You may share your network benefit with us Your network will be available for our clients to simulate it by paying the price of simulation. You will earn your accepted percentage of the profits.
    6. You may answer our questions and win our prizes From time to time we will post a power system question in our site. The best answers will get prizes.

All the above services are available upon the download and running of POUYA (PASHA is inside)


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