1.The power of simulation

The vast enterprise of supplying electrical energy in a complex plant presents many engineering problems that provide the factory electrical engineers with a variety of challenges. The so-called challenges start from the beginning of the elementary phase of the planning/reinforcement and continue during the operation of the plant. Further future changes in installed capacity will bring many other problems, which are usually faced by electrical consultants.
The supply of energy in the distribution network of a plant must be reliable, safe, secure, technically adequate, and reasonably economical (One million dollar profit lost has been seen in a relatively small plant, due to one hour black out). These are a must in order to produce such a product that remains competitive in the today market. The market will be on the hand of those who control costs because this is the fastest route to increased profit.
Having these in mind, INTELECTRICOM , as one of the world leading electrical consultant, has developed a simulation program (POUYA) which copes with a variety of challenges.
POUYA is a real time simulator tool that helps the power engineers to predict and overcome the above mentioned challenges through the simulation process.
Take the tour, download our software, and see how easy it is for you. We do not want to highlight more the advanced features of POUYA by sentences; you can use the free version of POUYA to find out most of these features by your own.



Installing and running POUYA software is very easy. Just download and install the software.
Currently the target platform for is windows based PC. You may ask for other platforms.


3.Order Your Own Network

Just upload the Single Line Diagram and the data of your network, or, order an already available network from a book or paper and even inside other power system analysis software. We try to bring them for you inside POUYA.
Data gathering will be carried out on the basis of joint mutual cooperation. It is assumed that the raw data of the plant apparatus is already available and providence of them will be an integral part of the customer suite as such INTELECTRICOM provide the customer with the required representation in POUYA after their fulfillment, they will be returned to he customer. In case that the customer is unable to provide the required data or a part of them, they will be obtained on the typical basis in which the powerful data base facility of POUYA will be used. INTELECTRICOM is responsible for data manipulation and testing related to the raw data. Depending on the study in hand all or some of the following equipment data are required:

  • Single line diagram
  • Transformers
  • Generators
  • AVR
  • Governor
  • Cables
  • Synchronous motors
  • Induction motors
  • SVCs and filters
  • Arc furnaces
  • Ladle furnaces
  • Circuit breakers
  • Relays, types and settings
Some especial equipment model and parameters may need to be determined by identification methods. These are treated exceptionally.
Among many advantages that are the result of the entire plant data gathering within POUYA, the availability of them at the touch of a button is worth to be mentioned here.


4.We build it for you

Your network will be represented in POUYA as correctly and as soon as possible in a very cheap price.
Last time we did this job for a customer, she told us that she had paid about two hundred thousand euro for doing the job in other software .
She added that the software was not even as powerful as POUYA.


5.Oder to bring your own network to your local disk

At any time you might ask us to send your network from our site to your local disk at a very cheap price.


6.Additional Services

The state of the art of power system modeling and simulation has been fully approved during the decades. POUYA implements these traditional approaches of modeling in its highly sophisticated modules. However, from time to time cases occur that need more elaborate models to be incorporated inside the simulation studies. Arc furnaces and SVCs are among those equipment, which need special treatment.
Appropriate setting of the arc furnace controllers together with its optimal operation strategy, need the implementation of suitable models during the simulation studies. The dynamic model of the furnaces and the SVCs can be obtained by using identification method. The process, which has been shown its effectiveness in our previous steel mill complex studies.
There are other ways of handling the models of these equipment. Relying on the already manufacturer model (usually available to the customer) is another alternative to this process. Since identification needs extra charge and efforts to be made, although it is recommended by us, but the customer may select the modeling process according to the following options:

  • Identification method
  • The models are provided by the customer
  • Typical models will be used

6.1 Rent or buy the already available networks

A variety of networks has been built and located in our site. You can select any of these networks to simulate.

Some of these networks are free to run while for the others there is a price for renting or buying. Some of the available networks are listed below:

Note: Please copy and paste the network links below on your browser. This will download an open source batch file (1KB). Windows operating system will usually warn you about the danger of any batch file running on computer.The file has been set as an open source deliberately, and so you can view the file contents, be sure that there is no harm in there.Click on the downloaded file to go to the simulation if you have already installed POUYA software on your computer, otherwise it guides you for installing POUYA.)

1- ARC FURNACE real time simulation
NETWORK: http://www.intelectri.com/linkedin/POUYAi.BAT
INFO: http://www.intelectri.com/NETWORK/i/IN.pdf

NETWORK: http://www.intelectri.com/linkedin/POUYA8.BAT
INFO: http://www.intelectri.com/NETWORK/8/IN.pdf

3- Operation of two generators running a 200 MW load.
NETWORK: http://www.intelectri.com/linkedin/POUYAh.BAT
INFO: http://www.intelectri.com/NETWORK/h/IN.pdf

4- Examine the protection coordination of a simple system, dynamically.
NETWORK: http://www.intelectri.com/linkedin/POUYAD.BAT
INFO: http://www.intelectri.com/NETWORK/D/IN.pdf

5- BASICS of power system
NETWORK: http://www.intelectri.com/linkedin/POUYAA.BAT
INFO: http://www.intelectri.com/NETWORK/A/IN.pdf

6- HVDC control
NETWORK: http://www.intelectri.com/linkedin/POUYAj.BAT
INFO: http://www.intelectri.com/NETWORK/j/IN.pdf

7- Comapre HVDC with HVAC Transmission
NETWORK: http://www.intelectri.com/linkedin/POUYAk.BAT
INFO: http://www.intelectri.com/NETWORK/k/IN.pdf

As always there are also a variety of networks available for a fee to provide you with an insight into power system real time simulation in more complex scenarios including:

INFO: http://www.intelectri.com/NETWORK/1/IN.pdf

INFO: http://www.intelectri.com/NETWORK/2/IN.pdf

INFO: http://www.intelectri.com/NETWORK/3/IN.pdf

INFO: http://www.intelectri.com/NETWORK/4/IN.pdf
INFO: http://www.intelectri.com/NETWORK/7/IN.pdf

INFO: http://www.intelectri.com/NETWORK/5/IN.pdf
INFO: http://www.intelectri.com/NETWORK/6/IN.pdf

INFO: http://www.intelectri.com/NETWORK/Y/IN.pdf
INFO: http://www.intelectri.com/NETWORK/Z/IN.pdf

INFO: http://www.intelectri.com/NETWORK/B/IN.pdf

INFO: http://www.intelectri.com/NETWORK/C/IN.pdf

and many more. Please visit POUYA option menu to view all the available networks.

6.2 You may register and attend in our virtual classes

As Professors of university, training and education is our main job.
Now that we have POUYA we can do our job better.
Attend our virtual classes to know more about power system.

6.3 You may send us your problem and we will solve it for you.

During last 27 years of work we do not remember that a question has been asked from us and we left it unsolved.

6.4 You may donate your own network

Let others to get familiar with your work.
If you are writing a paper or a book this is the best way to transfer your knowledge to the other people. If you are a manager of a plant, this is the best way to distribute the problems solving between your colleagues.

6.5 You may share your network benefit with us

Let do some business with your network

6.6 You may answer our questions and win our prizes

Let us test your knowlege about power system. Let win some prizes