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If you are a power system engineer and/or you are a talent with interest in energy saving in the industries or you would like to come to the market of green energy resources, and you are living in a region that we do not have any representative , there is a great opportunity for you to open up a very bright future for yourself. You just need to follow the below steps:

1- Click the link below to find out if we do not have any representative in your region.
2- Download our franchiser contract, and if you accept the content.
3- Contact us to establish your own business.

  • See if your region is occupied(Currently we have representative in some regions , please select your region to find out if it is empty)
  • Download contract (211KB PDF file)
  • Contact us at (smk at tomcad.com)
  • ONLINE Payment


    For more than a decade Tom is serving the industries with the best tools and consultancy. Our services address these issues: A typical contract proposal for a steel mill industry is described in the following. For Chemical, Petrochemical, Shipbuilding, Paper mill, Cement, Metal Industry, Offshore and Onshore, Transmission and distribution system, and others please call for proposal.
    1. The power of simulation
    2. Objectives of the contract proposal
    3. Target platform
    4. PASHA
    5. Data collection
    6. Equipment modeling
    7. Studies

    8.  7.1 Load flow study
       7.2 Fault study
       7.3 Circuit breaker checking
       7.4 Relay coordination checking
       7.5 Relay coordination setting
       7.6 Motor starting
       7.7 Transient stability
       7.8 Load shedding
       7.9 Harmonic studies
    9. Reports examples:
    10. Relay coordination (5.43MB PDF file: need to be asked)
    11. Load flow study (762KB PDF file: need to be asked)
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