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Our virtual support is the best support you can find around.

Please follow the following procedure:

  1. Contact us through POUYA.
  2. Set a date for an appointment of your choice.
  3. Run POUYA at the appointment.
  4. Our Support team will virtually come to your office while you are running POUYA.
  5. Our Support team will answer your questions about POUYA online.

  6. Our Support team will also help you solve your problems online.

  7. All the above services are available upon the download and running of POUYA.
    You need to be at least a bronze customer to ask for support.
    Download POUYA to find out about Bronze, Silver and Golden customer experiences.

Esfahan Steel Mill Plant 15/4/2004 Download
farbod 15/4/2004 Download
Mobarakeh Steel Mill Complex Download
Razi Petrochemical Plant Download
Iranian National Oil Company (Offshore) Download
System study division
Training center
Bandar Abbas Refinary Download
IGMC International Training Center 15/4/2018 Download
TAVANIR Electric Power Organization 15/4/2004 Download
Planning department
Operation department
Dispatching Center
System study division
Relay coordinating division
Esfahan Power Distribution Organization Download
Azerbaijan Power Distribution Organization Download
Yazd Power Distribution Organization Download
Gilan Power Distribution Organization Download
Ghods Niroo Consulting Engineers 15/4/2004 Download
Chegalesh Consulting Engineers Download
TOM Consulting Engineers Download
Behrad Consulting Engineers Download
ABNIRO Download
PASHAdownload Download
Sharif University of Technology 15/4/2004 Download
Amirkabir University of Technology Download
University of Science & Technology Download
Gilan University Download
Universities of AZAD: Yazd,Mehriz Download
Khajehnasir University of Technology Download
Shiraz University Download
Tabriz University Download
Esfahan University of Tchnology Download
CLASS Download
.: PASHA Sample Projects :.
  • Interconnected network simulation (800 busbars: 400, 230, 132 & 63 KV).
  • Simulation of electrical system of Mobarakeh steel mill plant including static and dynamic models of arc furnaces and SVCs containing 1700 busbars. (nodes), 630 transformers, 450 motors (induction & synchronous), 3900 relays.
  • Simulation of electrical system of Esfahan steel mill plant including 580 busbars, 200 transformers, 300 motors.
  • 50 MW peak power demand reduction in Ahwaz steel mill complex.
  • Many others...
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